December 6, 2016 Steven E

How to fix the “Fatal Error” after WordPress 4.7 update

If you’ve updated your WordPress Website to 4.7 and got a Fatal error that reads:


Fatal error: Call to a member function do_all_hook() on array in /……./public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 837


You’re probably going to have to roll back your WordPress installation to fix it for now.


(It seems to be a bug in WordPress 4.7)


Here’s a step by step walk-through of how to fix your WordPress Website.

(To do this you’ll need FTP access)


#1 Backup your files!


-Always backup your files just in case something goes wrong.


It may seem time consuming but building your website from scratch is a lot more work.


  • Download the last Working version of WordPress you had on your site from here.
  • Extract the WordPress folder from the .zip to your desktop
  • Delete the old “wp-includes” and “wp-admin” directories on your web host from your WordPress website
  • Upload the new “wp-includes” and “wp-admin” directories from the new “WordPress” folder on your desktop to your web host
  • Upload and overwrite the “wp-content” folder from your desktop but do not delete the “wp-content” folder that’s already there or any contents from your WordPress Website.
  • Finally upload all of the single files from the “WordPress” folder root directory on your desktop to your web host’s WordPress root directory. (eg: wp-settings.php, wp-mail.php, wp-login.php, index.php, etc..)

Once you’re done your site should be as it was before the “Fatal Error” occurred.


Now, going forward,  you can update your WordPress directory without fear of it breaking – because if it does, you can always roll it back.


Bookmark this page for future reference.


I hope this helps.


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