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How to fix the “Fatal Error” after WordPress 4.7 update

If you’ve updated your WordPress Website to 4.7 and got a Fatal error that reads:


Fatal error: Call to a member function do_all_hook() on array in /……./public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 837


You’re probably going to have to roll back your WordPress installation to fix it for now.


(It seems to be a bug in WordPress 4.7)


Here’s a step by step walk-through of how to fix your WordPress Website.

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The 3 best ways to make money online with your own Website.

At one point or another most people seem to find themselves seeking out ways to make money online.


Why not?


I mean, who doesn’t want some extra cash?


Well, in this post we’ll review and discuss the “Top 3” tried-and-true methods that yield positive results for making money online.

So without further ado..


The top 3 ways to make money online with your own website

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7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2016

In this post we’ll discuss the top 7 “Must have” WordPress Plugins.

These WordPress Plugins made this  list because of their support,  reliability, performance and features.

So without further ado, lets begin.


Our 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins

(in no particular order)

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Best Website Hosting for small businesses

What is the best Website Hosting plan for a small business?

For a small business, selecting the best website hosting package can be quite the ordeal.

For starters, every Web Hosting company has its own “unique angle” creating a number of different things to consider in addition to selecting the website design and content.

Conveniently enough, here’s  an awesome list that should help you out in your decision.  (Hey! Who doesn’t love lists?)

The following list complies sitetilt’s “top 5” features to look out for “across the board” which should help you make a more balanced and educated decision when choosing the best website hosting package to suit your business’s needs.

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